About Me

Writing has always been an essential component of communication and expression for me. My brain seems wired to ruminate and write, rather than immediately process and verbalize. I excel at taking information and breaking it down into manageable, digestible chunks, which elucidate the implications of a study or story and connect with the audience.

My writing experience includes work for a number of high-profile healthcare and biotech clients - as well as clients in tech, communications, entertainment, hospitality, energy, green solutions, real estate and retail - on a variety of communications campaigns and projects. I have worked in a number of formats, including web content, social media content, press releases, advertorials/native content, articles and scripts (and/or talking points).

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Please note: many of the projects I have worked on have been ghostwritten, so you will find someone else's name (normally, a CEO or other executive) attached to much of my writing.

"I write to discover what I know."

Flannery O'Connor